Galaxy Note 20 Punkcase Lucid-2.0 Series Slim Fit Armor Clear Case Cover


£11.98 £22.95

Galaxy Note 20 Case, PUNKcase [LUCID 2.0 Series] [Slim Fit] Armor Cover w/Integrated Anti-Shock System & PUNKSHIELD Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 [Clear]

  • ★ PUNKCASE Galaxy Note 20 Case [LUCID 2.0 SERIES]: Your punk mate that will punkproof your Galaxy Note 20 against punk forces of nature.
  • ★ INTEGRATED ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM: The clear back of this case is made entirely from hardened, military-grade PolyCarbonate whilst the rounded edges are made of soft TPU. Result: Superior Shock Absorption that cushions your Galaxy Note 20 phone from drops & falls up to 6.6" feet
  • ★ INCLUDES PUNKSHIELD SCREEN PROTECTOR: This almost invisible yet ultra-tough membrane will protect your Galaxy Note 20 screen from high-impact collisions and scratches whilst keeping your display crystal clear with uncompromised sensitivity.
  • ★ CLEAR BACK: Showcase the natural beauty of your Samsung Galaxy Note 20| SLIM FIT: Ultimate protection without the bulk | WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE: No need to remove your LUCID 2.0 case whilst charging
  • ★ PERFECT CUT-OUTS: Easy access to all buttons, ports and jacks following your Galaxy Note 20 precision lines | PLEASE NOTE: This case has been designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Phone ONLY | LIFETIME EXCHANGE WARRANTY