Galaxy S20 Rugged Waterproof Case | Nautical Series [Black]


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Life can be pretty tough on a phone - everything from drops to water damage. If you want to protect your new 2020 Galaxy S20 phone, you need a phone case that can survive anything life throws at you. The heavy-duty NAUTICAL SLIM case is up for the challenge! This waterproof S20 case is designed with a full-body sealed shell. The sealed shell is an advanced design that allows your phone to not only get wet but be fully submersible up to 20 feet for an hour. This makes the case perfect for taking your phone along when swimming and diving. It also turns your phone into a waterproof camera for underwater photos and videos. As a bonus, the cutting-edge Galaxy S20 case won’t just keep out water. It can keep out dust and dirt as well! The underwater rating on the case makes it one of the ultimate accessories for the Galaxy S20. This is a truly state-of-the-art case though that offers so much more. The case itself is super durable and shockproof with military-grade drop-tested protection. The case is designed to withstand drops from 12 feet! The tough, shock-absorbing technology is matched with a built-in screen protector. There is also an anti-slip hand grip to help prevent a clumsy drop of your new Galaxy S20. If you need a strong, reinforced Galaxy S20 case the waterproof NAUTICAL SLIM is a great option. Even with the armor-like waterproof design, the case is still ultra-slim and functional. All buttons and ports are easily accessible with a bonus watertight port seal. It is also fully ultrasonic fingerprint and facial recognition unlock compatible with support for wireless charging

  • ★ Advanced Full Body Watertight Design
  • ★ Sealed Shell Provides Super Rugged Protection
  • ★ Rubberized Trim Offers Anti-Slip Hand Grip
  • ★ Built-in Attached HD Screen Protector
  • ★ Ultra Tough Scratch Resistant Back
  • ★ Shock Absorbing Edges and Corners
  • ★ Submersible Underwater up to 6 Feet Deep
  • ★ Lifted Bezel for Camera and Screen Protection
  • ★ Military Grade Standard Drop Tested
  • ★ Withstands Drops from 12 Feet
  • ★ Rubber Flex Charge Port Cover for Quick Access
  • ★ Crisp Responsive Metal Buttons
  • ★ Supports Wireless Charging and PowerShare
  • ★ Ultrasonic Fingerprint Unlock Compatible