iPhone 8+ Plus Case, Ghostek® Cloak 2.0 Black w/ ExplosionProof Screen Protector | Aluminum Frame


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iPhone 8+ Plus Case, Ghostek® Cloak 2.0 Series for Apple iPhone 8+ Plus Slim Protective Armor Case Cover | Explosion-Proof Screen Protector | Aluminum Frame | TPU Shell | Warranty | Ultra Fit (Black)
  • Ghostek designed the Cloak with a minimalism in focus. The Cloak case with a Slim Crystal Clear Full TPU Body & an Aluminum Frame.
  • Ultimate Protection with Precision Cut Outs for Easy Access to All Ports & Jacks but Without the Bulkiness, Maintains the Aesthetics of Your Phone While Keeping It Protected
  • Don't sacrifice the beauty of your phone to keep it secured. Ghostek's design allows you to show off your phone and maintain peace of mind that your phone is completely covered.
  • Features a Ghostek® Explosion-Proof Screen Protector, Unattached
  • Shock Absorbing Method: Upon Impact with the Frame, the Impact Resonance Travels Along the Bumper & Is Absorbed Through the TPU
  • Let's not forget Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty.